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Five Attributes Of The Best Water Softener

Water Softener

If you discover that your utensils have spots, the shampoo and soap do not lather properly, the clothes look dingy, or the coffee pot has scales, then it’s a probable indication that your home has a hard water problem. Water softeners help to soften hard water by removing excess minerals, for instance, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron and replacing them with softer minerals like potassium and sodium. You get get more information of Fleck 5600SXT from the Internet for your home use. This article will disclose to you the five attributes of the best water softener.

Five attributes of the best water softener

The size

Water SoftenerWhen purchasing a new water softener, selecting the right-sized one is crucial. The water softener of your choice should adequately handle all the demands of your household. Regardless of the physical size, your water softener unit should be able to remove any hard minerals without frequent regeneration effectively. As we speak, water softeners are sold in different sizes, each rated according to the number of grains of hardness it can eliminate from water between regenerations.

Type of softener

Salt-free water softener

This type of water softener regenerates with Potassium Chloride instead of table salt (Sodium Chloride). It is ideal for people who are conscious about Sodium Chloride intake.

Salt-based water softener

This softener substitutes sodium chloride for hard minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron to come up with soft water.

Magnetic water softener

This electric water softener sets up a magnetic field during its operation that changes the electromagnetic properties of hard minerals so that they are repelled by each other and the pipes.

Dual-tank water softener

This water softener comes with two resin tanks. When one tank is in use, the second one is regenerating. Thus, soft water is supplied continuously, without breaks like in salt-free water softeners.


Your water softener should be fully certified by renown water-treatment products quality assurance organizations like the NSF, the Water Quality Association, and the water industry’s trade organization. Even though it doesn’t guarantee quality and performance, certification signifies that the water softener has successfully passed industrial standards testing.

Essential controls and features

Water SoftenerBefore buying a water softener, it is important to become acquainted with its controls and features. Crucial features and controls to look out for include the amount of salt and water needed for regeneration, how long each cycle lasts, and what controls the regeneration cycle. Other essential features and controls include the automatic DIR softener controls and the water softener timer controls.

Warranty options and money-back guarantee

Ensure that your water softener supplier or manufacturing company offers a money-back guarantee. What’s more? A good water softener from a reputable company should come with a genuine warranty as well as regular maintenance services.

Final Purport

Even though hard water does not typically pose any health dangers, it can cause damaging effects to your water heater, plumbing fixtures, clothes, hair, skin, utensils, and other water using appliances. Thus, it is vital to use a water softener to eliminate all the hard minerals and replace them with soft, harmless ones. The five attributes of the best water softener elaborated on this page will guide you in choosing the perfect water softener for all your hard water concerns.