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How To Choose The Right Fire Glass For Your Fire Place

Gone are the days when logs and smoke were the norm in any fireplace. Modern fire pits use fire glass and a particular type of fuel that hardly produces any smoke. The use of fire glass turns any fire pit into a beautiful masterpiece. As such, most interior designers recommend it for anyone looking for anyone looking for a way to give their fireplace a modern look. Fire glass spice up the décor and create a perfect environment.Fire Place

The good thing about fire glass is that they are available in many different shades. This gives homeowners the chance to select the color that suits their individual preferences. To many people, choosing the right color is never easy. To get the right color, you only need to understand your personal likes and preferences. Ideally, you only need to pay attention to the color that dominates your décor and the color of your fire pit. That said, here are some tips that will guide you through your selection process.

Evaluate the color scheme around the room

This tip is particularly important for homeowners with an indoor fire pit. Ideally, you need to pay attention to the color scheme in the room where the fire pit is installed. Obviously, there will be some color that stands outs. From there, you can proceed and buy fire glass that compliments the decor well.

Keep it simple

When it comes to colors, most people are tempted to go for multiple colors. Instead of using too many colors, it is advisable to use only a few colors that you are comfortable with. In some cases, even a single shade ca be okay provided it compliments your décor. The good thing with using few colors is that it makes your home appear less sophisticated and neat.

Check the colors in your fireplace

Fire PlaceWhat color is the fire pit made of? The inside wall around the fire pit should also guide you when choosing fire glass. You need to pick a color that compliments these walls. For instance, if the inner wall is dark, fire glass with a golden color can look great. It all about creating a contrast inside the fireplace.

Ideally, you should go for a color that complements the color scheme of the room and one that contrasts the wall color of the fireplace.